All The News That Fit To Print

We got a DOG!

The Cutest Mini Dachshound EverNot only did we get a dog, but we’re also renovating our ninety year old house, I got a new job and my wife got a promotion. It’s extra vigorous here at the vigorous chase and that’s how we like it. This is not an excuse, but rather an explanation of the scant nature of posts lately. But as I’ve said, that’s no excuse and there’s plenty of posts to come. Stay tuned for some bushy tail busting, backwoods cooking, medical skills, guest interviews, and DIY everything. Oh yah, and check in from time to time to see if I can turn an adorable doxie into a worldclass hunting dog. Right now she’s only good at naps and chewing on mama’s expensive shoes but give me time. Give me time.

-Richard Hammack