DIY Fire Starter

DIY FirestarterAs a former corrections nurse, I can tell you identity thieves are merciless. They will trash you and your credit in a heartbeat. That’s why I never throw anything remotely sensitive into the trash. Bank statements, credit card offers, insurance bills, anything that could be used to steal my identity gets destroyed. Here’s my favorite recipe to get rid of those perilous papers.

Begin by stacking two or three sheets of paper and then smearing the top one with a healthy amount of petroleum jelly. Repeat this process several times until you have a stack of 15-20 sheets interspersed with semisolid hydrocarbons. Once you reach the desired thickness place a wick in the center. I experimented with cotton balls, dryer lint, and shredded paper. Roll up the sheets of paper into a long tube. Take one last piece of paper and glue it around the outside to hold it in place.

I did some burn tests and got great results. Cutting them into two inch blocks, I split them down the side and splayed the papers a little. If you try and light the rolled tube it won’t catch very well. The dryer lint worked the best and gave a ten minute burn time.

There you have it. Cheap, easy, and effective. What more could you want? Do you have your own DIY recipe for a fire starter? Post it in the comments below.

-Richard Hammack


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