Invincible Style

The Condor Triclimate Jacket by Northface is the best jacket ever made. My better half has given me some amazing clothes over the years and this jacket is among the best. It’s a wearable work of invincible style.

The Condor is an elegant beast. The deep blue of the outer shell beckoned me to climb the Eiger or hunt some U. a. middendorffi in the Kodiak Archipelago. The collar comes up to the jaw when fully zipped. It has a both an inner and outer storm flap from top to bottom that will keep out gale force winds. The hood is not lined but is still warm. The ripstop nylon exterior kept me bone dry in a sudden downpour on the approach to Mt. Harvard and it doesn’t snag on brush. I’ll often remove the shell and wear it solo for early spring fishing. Not enough to overheat but enough to keep the breeze off and keep you dry.

The Triclimate, as a whole, is the world’s best jacket. The inner jacket is the world’s second best jacket. This inner easily zips free of the shell and stands alone as a force to be reckoned with. It’s fleece lined and will keep you warm when the temperature plummets. It looks good as a casual knockabout jacket when in more urban environments.

This jacket rules. No two ways about it. Besides keeping you warm and dry, it holds all your stuff! Seriously, it has eight pockets. Who needs eight pockets? You do.

All this stuff fits in the jacket easily. It’s more than enough to get you through an accidental night or two in the woods. (Lamp and awesome radio not included)

Maybe you aren’t lucky enough to have a hot fiance that gives you amazing jackets. It doesn’t matter. Spend the money. This thing is worth every cent.

-Richard Hammack


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